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Tableau Web Data Connector


API Host to connect too.
Invalid Access Token, try generating a new one.
Valid Access Token.
See Generate an API Token for more details.


Dates will be returned in this format.
Dates will be exported in this timezone.

Sites Configuration
Indicates whether to include deleted sites(This field is applicable only for Sites).
Indicates whether to include full sites hierarchy, e.g. Areas, Regions, etc.

Inspection Configuration
Inspections modified after this date will be returned.
Inspections modified before this date will be returned.
Comma separated list of template IDs to return data for.
Number of inspections fetched at once. Lower this number if the connector fails to load data.
Inspections that are completed will be returned.
Inspections that are archived will be returned.
Indicates whether to include inactive inspection items (This field is applicable only for Inspection Items).